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Who I am & what I do...

About Me

I have edited online publications for over twenty years.

I first designed a website in 1998 and have since written countless headlines, articles, and informational pages that have been viewed by tens of millions of people across the globe.

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Mike de Sousa

Writer, Artist, Composer.


Examples of websites I write copy for...

  • The Rights of Living Things is a declaration that describes life, its entitlements, and the conduct of those who have most influence over its care.

    Visit The Rights of Living Things www.TheRightsOfLivingThings.Earth
  • 100 Artworks Today presents a retrospective of my writing, artwork and music. I designed my first site over twenty years ago.

    Visit 100 Artworks Today www.100Artworks.Today
  • Art Lover VIP encourages people to support the continuing availability without advertising of music, art, and ideas.

    Visit Art Lover VIP www.ArtLover.VIP
  • Public Art World presents a growing catalogue of photographs, art, music, and poetry for all to enjoy.

    Visit Public Art World www.PublicArt.World
  • A single issue website that seeks to pursuade people of the importance of abstention in a democratic system.

    Visit Abstention Today www.Abstention.Today
  • My personal website where you are welcome to review a detailed description of my experience and skills together with examples of my work.

    Visit Mike de Sousa's personal website www.mikedesousa.com

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